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golden-high-heelsWe take the pain out of sourcing from China.

Manufacturing and sourcing high quality products out of China can be hard but doesn’t have to be. Our team helps companies across the globe bridge the gap between production needs and production capabilities. We provide our customers with the China-side operations, supply chain expertise and processes they need, in country, to create efficiencies and savings. China Consulting Co. empowers you through managed  manufacturing and supply chain activities half way around the world.

MengQi Qu - Co-Founder / Engineering, New Product Development
MengQi Qu – Co-Founder

“After manufacturing my own line of eco-friendly kitchenware…”

…I know what it takes to source high quality materials and control production and quality systems. Building relationships with the right decision makers at your factory is often the difference between hitting or missing a deadline.

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In-Depth Audits

Relationship Management

Product Assembly

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You can get a list of potential suppliers by searching online. But almost always, the make or break pieces of information for China-side manufacturers and suppliers do not exist on the internet. And certainly do not exist on the English internet. We approach supplier and manufacturer identification with a problem-solution methodology. Our focus is on clearly understanding what you need and want, then systematically sifting through potential partners to identify the best fit. Whether you are just starting to get your products from China or you have been sourcing from China for years, we can identify the optimal factories or suppliers based on your product requirements and business needs. Read more…

23781In-Depth Audits

We believe it is mission critical have an intimate understanding of your product’s manufacturer. You should know the facility, people, processes, controls, workflow and other systems that create your product. We conduct a full-fledged audit of your current or potential factory to paint a clear picture of your manufacturing capabilities. Read more…

48463Relationship Management

Ineffectively managing your business relationships directly results in mismanagement of your supply chain. Business in China is done within the context of relationships. The personal relationship and shared networks you have with a supplier will affect your business relationship. It will impact your ability to meet deadlines, get a fair deal and maintain quality. Without a personal relationship with your manufacturer, it will be easy for them to push you to the bottom of the list or save some money by cutting corners on your quality. We build and maintain a reliable relationships with your suppliers and manufacturers on your behalf. Our local, trusted team members strategically develop, leverage and maintain critical relationships that are used to get you results. We will negotiate preferable contract terms and enforce capacity, quality, and time requirements on your behalf.

45989Product Assembly

We manage your product assembly and packaging processes so you can ship high quality finished products straight from China. Many international companies opt to completely finish and package their customer-facing product in China. This is often a great option that reduces logistical complexity and cost after the product leaves China. But if a customer gets a product with an incorrect label or feature set that does not exactly match their expectations, your brand is damaged. Far too often this is what happens when final product packaging and assembly is put into the hands of a supplier or manufacturer. We ensure that your needs, requirements and product vision are fully intact when your product ships.

46712Quality Control

Our local staff will perform on-site inspection of your products to make sure quality standards are implemented and maintained. First, we work with your team to develop a detailed list of acceptable and unacceptable product variabilities. Next, we audit the existing quality systems (certificates, last updated date, inspection reports) and control processes (photos, setup overview, types of testing equipment, reports available, final QC tests, incoming QC) already conducted at your factory. Finally, we plan and execute product testing to uncover defects and deviations from your product requirements.


We build or optimize your logistics system and ensure you get products on time at the best price possible. Internal logistics are fragmented and hitting delivery deadlines can be a challenge. If you already have a logistics system in place, we will audit your current system and propose an optimized alternative plan if necessary. If you are just getting started, we will build the optimal strategy according to your requirements.


If you don’t trademark your product in China, your supplier will. That means your supplier or manufacturer owns your brand. This potential nightmare has sadly become a reality for many foreign companies in China. It is critical that you protect your legal interests by registering your logo and brand names. We can handle this for you. We will perform a comprehensive trademark search and register your trademark under relevant trademark categories.    

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