Software Development Company Customer Service

Company Type: Software Developer
Define the service: Customer Service

The client looked to develop customer service, soft troubleshooting skills and confidence amongst the co-workers who had customer facing roles. Many co-workers were nervous of dealing directly with customers and occasionally this manifested itself as not being able to service customers who encountered software failure or user error.
The 30+ strong team looked after the needs of a variety of customers from English speaking countries, generally handling queries and dealing with people who were experiencing stressful situations. The team needed to be confident and skilled to handle difficult situations in a tactful and natural way that put unhappy customers at ease and solved their problem. The aim was to prepare the team to effectively communicate with customers using the technical language of the job and culture of the customers.
The program was designed to include many different aspects of customer service including communication, influencing and handling difficult behaviors. Specifically prepared role-plays, which reflected a number of different client member situations, were played by skilled, trained professionals to ensure each scenario was as realistic as possible. Throughout, there was particular emphasis on what was practically implementable into individual’s job roles rather than theoretical models.
In the end, we successfully delivered a communication framework and training that provided the client’s team with the toolkit necessary to more effectively and efficiently handle the customer service demands critical to customer satisfaction.

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