Social Website Design and Development

Company type: Deals, Listings and Social Networking Website
Service: IT Outsourcing

Our client was a city specific listings, discounts, information and social website. The website brings news, events, restaurants, bars, happenings and goings-on to the local community. The client turned to the China Consulting Company to be it’s fully outsourced development team to build a website with the following core functionality:

  • Search of different criteria
  • Location ratings
  • Creating content with information about the city
  • P2P social interaction
  • Mapping hotels, restaurants, bars, and other listings
  • Daily news and event functionality


To ensure cultural, geographic and language barriers would not be an issue we matched native English speaking team leaders to communicate with the American client. Through comprehensive digital and face-to-face dialogue the China Consulting Company team and the client’s development team built a clear understanding of the purpose and goals of the website. Together we mapped out a clear vision on key architectural, design, and approach assumptions of the website. Throughout the development process we remained in regular communication with the client sharing updates, milestones, and resolving an issues that arose. In the end, we delivered a dynamic website that fit the clients needs and allowed them to capture majority market share in their geographic area.

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