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image We research, plan, execute and evaluate your China sales operations through customer acquisition tactics, capturing leads through a funnel, developing a distribution network and customer retention. In sales each channel we combine professional insights and reliable data. With over one million millionaires and a rising middle class, domestic demand for consumer goods is accelerating in a market of 1.3 billion people. Across 160 cities with over 1 million people, China is in the nascent stages of growth, the size and scale of which the world has never seen. Selling to China is attractive on its scale and potential alone. But gaining traction in the market requires a localized customer acquisition model.

Vincent Pueraro
Vincent Pueraro

“It took me years to learn how to effectively sell in China…”

“…Chinese consumers are value conscious, outspoken, price sensitive, and relationship dependent. Competition is fierce, often in sheer number, and customers difficult to gain but easy to lose. Getting to the customer requires building relationships across sales and distribution channels that are organized into highly fragmented regional economies.”

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 How we grow sales

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Sales operations

Web and Mobile Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Business Development

Public Relations

Market Entry

46879Sales operations

We work with your team to build a repeatable sales model based on your unique product offering and market opportunity. Based on a mix of primary and secondary research we deconstruct the market, build a customer persona, define your value proposition and identify the key sales activities along the critical path to customer acquisition. After mutually agreeing on an action plan, we develop a systemized funnel then execute and manage these key sales activities on your behalf. This is different for every business and ranges from contacting retail chains to build out a distribution network to operating an online store.


iphone-4-icon-614x460Web & Mobile Marketing

Modern communication and social interaction is digital. We build your face on the most relevant social media, content and search platforms according to your customer demographics. We build relationships, build your brand and get you traction. We will identify, set up, plan and execute a comprehensive social media and web marketing strategy to build your brand and gain traction.We believe that in the world of new media, strong content spreads. We work with you to generate original content for your target audience and amplify it through social media, blog relationships, and other content platforms to drive more traffic to your website or conversion platform. We will develop content for each channel multiple times per week, monitor and engage on platforms daily and analyze effectiveness through in a monthly report on channel performance.


Traditional Marketing

Our research team identifies the most effective magazine, video, radio, newspaper, circulars, and billboard advertisements for you.We systematically match your target demographics with publication audiences, develop a strategic message, create strong content and imagery, communicate with ad sellers and measure project efficacy. We also discover and plan live events including sponsorships, trade shows and speaking engagements that help you build strong relationships with your target customers.

48463Business development

Partnering with another enterprise is one of the most efficient ways to access new groups of customers. We systematically identify partnership opportunities that align with your company and product strategy then help you establish a win-win relationship.


32441Public Relations

We work with your team to shape your public image by creating compelling PR, strategically releasing and amplifying beneficial stories and controlling potentially.


9281Market Entry

We can help you establish the optimal entry vehicle, most commonly a Joint Venture (a legal partnership) or WFOE (your own legal business in China). It is crucial that your business is established correctly with the appropriate business scope, licensing, approvals and certifications required under national, provincial and local Chinese laws. Every province and municipality is subject to a unique set of laws and requirements. China Consulting Company Co. will guide you through this process.


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