Re-branding Strategy and Copywriting

Company Type: High-Tech Consumer Products
Service: Rebranding Strategy and Copywriting

CCC was contracted by a local retailer of consumer electronics to help plan and execute a copywriting strategy for use in the firm’s Western markets. As the company was engaged in shifting its brand, management recognized a need to lay the groundwork for an entirely new advertising campaign – one that would not only convince old customers to accept the repositioning, but also attract new users. This is where we came in.

Reinventing a brand – even a fledgling one – is never easy. With careful attention to tone, structure, and content, our consultant worked with the company’s branding team to shape a direct, yet simpatico message to consumers, consistent across all platforms. Such points of interaction included online advertisements, the client’s website, product packaging and social media. The goal was to craft engaging, memorable storylines from a user’s point of view, capable of promoting the client’s new UVP as effectively as possible. According to before and after customer surveys and usage data, we found that existing customers embraced the rebranding, while at the same time enabling a clearer message to reach new customers.

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