Industrial Tech Company Expansion, Marketing and Brand Strategy

Company type: High-Tech Manufacturer
Define the service: Expansion, Brand, & Marketing Strategy

Our client was a top porcelain insulator manufacturer with more than 20 years experience and long lasting relationships with engineering and electronic conglomerates. Over the years the client perfected its processes, grew domestic sales, and expanded internationally. Prior to engaging the China Consulting Company the client realized that successful and sustainable growth overseas required a brand strategy tailored to each specific foreign market, a re-tooling of their marketing approach, and that executives be prepared to negotiate with non-domestic customers. The client engaged us to help through the market expansion assessment, brand strategy process, consumer insights, marketing strategy, and executive training program.

The China Consulting Company conducted a market opportunity assessment of 5 key representative markets (USA, Canada, India, France and Germany) in order for the client to develop a go-to-market strategy and prioritize markets for international expansion. Our in-depth research and analysis delivered market size estimates, segmentation analysis, competitor insights, and distribution research as well as site observation that led to concrete strategy recommendations. Armed with these insights we reassessed the branding and revised the client’s marketing channels to reflect the new strategy.

Working, meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with clients and potential clients from different cultures can be a littered with pitfalls. The native Chinese executives were planning sales trips to target countries Germany and India. We provided the client with a thorough cultural profile of each target country, highlighted similarities and differences between the home and target countries, discussed factors that may affect family, personal and business relationships through a program that exposed the executives to a mixture of presentations, interactive exercises, group consultation sessions on real negotiating challenges, and a series of hands-on simulations. Executives were encouraged to share experiences and test new ideas in our simulated environment. We worked with executives to identify their own management styles, the expectations of others, and cultural differences that affect business relationships in India and Germany. The client successfully executed sales and developed working relationships with their targets.

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