E-Commerce Website Design and Development

Company type: Food & Beverage
Service: IT Outsourcing

The China Consulting Company was retained by a client that was experiencing a decline in sales via their bricks-and-mortar F&B shop. They contacted us concerning an interest in expanding their business to an e-commerce shop. The China Consulting Company team worked with the client to build a strategy that would allow their shop to expand to a same-day delivery e-commerce shop with minimal strain on their current processes and limited additional costs.

We developed a powerful e-commerce business solution that allowed for both convenient shopping and efficient order fulfillment for the client. We built a user-friendly website with the capacity for making purchases, product sorting, product reviews, and filtering systems of results by price, category, country of origin, and discounted products of the day all with the goal of allowing customers to happily shop from comfort of their couch. The client was able to increase their bottom line, reach new customers, and transition into the e-commerce landscape.

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