DNP Introduction to The China Consulting Company’s Policy Series

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My name is Craig Johnson, and I am the primary author for The China Consulting Company’s Policy Series. The goal of this series is to introduce some of the major policy issues affecting the Chinese economy today. We believe that we can offer a unique perspective towards doing business in China, and the goal of this series in particular is to help those entering the Chinese marketplace understand how Beijing’s policies affect the global economy.

We’ll be dealing with some hot-button issues, so before I begin it might be good to offer a few disclaimers. Before writing for The China Consulting Company, I lived and worked for fours years in China’s Hunan Province. Whenever necessary, I will try to offer my own perspective, as well as the perspectives of my Chinese associates. However, I will do my best to report the facts. This series does not attempt to advocate a specific point of view.

The China Consulting Company employs both American and Chinese nationals, and I sincerely hope that this series can be used as an educational tool to help those with a desire to better understand China and its economic policies.


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Craig C. Johnson

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