Consumer Product Brand Marketing

Company Type: High-Tech Consumer Products
Service: Brand Marketing

A multimillion dollar high-tech consumer retail electronics company contacted the China Consulting Company as they needed a marketing manager to assist in the channel expansion of their consumer hardware and accessory products. They needed an Interim Marketing Manager who was familiar with their industry, geographic regions and had the capacity to work with cross-functional teams in both Chinese and English. 

We provided the ideal candidate who was able to deliver on their marketing strategy and product development needs.
Our consultant was assigned to lead the strategy development for the client’s expansion into targeted channels, mainly through online sales channels. Our consultant was responsible for assisting in the development and management of a full line of products in the high-tech consumer retail space. 

He developed marketing programs that leveraged appropriate brands to deliver against core consumer needs across the various channels, while staying focused on maintaining the companies core vision and mission. Our consultant worked with the CEO and top executives on a regular basis and was a key partner in the development of strategic planning and execution.

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