Consumer Goods Company Product Sourcing

Company type: Consumer Packaged Goods Service: Sourcing/ Quality Check

The client, an international leader in the branded hot & cold pack business, needed a specialist procurement resource to work alongside their sourcing and operations team during the factory visit to a potential manufacturer. The client had already been in contact with the manufacturer and planned to travel to the manufacturing facility but lacked an in house team resource with the skills necessary to perform a quality audit.  Beyond a basic factory audit, they also sought help ensuring that the facility was the right cultural fit, and needed someone to develop deeper meeting agenda points and guide dialogue to frame the desired smooth working relationship moving forward.


We conducted a background check on the potential supplier.  One common pitfall of companies new to China sourcing, or expanding from their initial limited success, is that intermediary entities often pose as factories.  Our process discovered that the supplier in question was in good standing. Our consultant accompanied the client to the site and conducted a one day factory audit. We perform factory audits according to recognized international quality standards, geographic norms & regulations, client requirements, product/process specifications, as well as based on the China Consulting Company team’s expertise and experience in overall quality control and relationship management.  


We developed a factory profile, interviewed employees, performed a physical facility inspection, verified documents including government issued licenses and certificates, and documented the production line status, capacity and capabilities.   Our consultant was able to fluently communicate with the China factory executives, resolve all of the client’s questions and concerns, and facilitate a strong personal relationship with the General Manager. The client and manufacturer continue to have a successful relationship to this day.

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