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DNP Introduction to The China Consulting Company’s Policy Series

Hello, My name is Craig Johnson, and I am the primary author for The China Consulting Company’s Policy Series. The goal of this series is to introduce some of the major policy issues affecting the Chinese economy today. We believe … Read more


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YUM Built a Solid Foundation in China Before Their Chicken Scare

I recently discussed YUM Brands’ difficulties with their local chicken suppliers in China. However, it is important to recognize YUM’s incredible success in China regardless of their recent hiccups. YUM Brands Inc. is the parent company for KFC, Pizza Hut, … Read more


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KFC’s Chicken Trouble Pre-Dated H7N9

YUM Brands Inc (the parent company for KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut) has managed to profit greatly from their investments in China. They bet heavily on the ever expanding Chinese market, opening over 4,000 KFC restaurants by the end … Read more


Obama Windfarm

Ralls Corporation (SANY) Sues Obama

The global economy is adjusting to more numerous and emboldened multinational companies hailing from the Chinese mainland. One of the more compelling stories from the last year involved Ralls Corporation, a subsidiary of SANY, China’s largest heavy machinery manufacturer. Ralls sued President … Read more


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Policy Series: Diaoyu Islands

One of the most well publicized conflicts concerning China’s foreign policy over the last year was their strained relationship with Japan. China and Japan have had a long and heated rivalry which doesn’t likely won’t be resolved any time soon. … Read more

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