About Us

Our founding team of American, Chinese and European partners has owned, managed and sold China-based businesses across advertising, construction, consumer goods, digital media, education, fashion and F&B. We lived through the unconventional challenges of getting things done in China and built a rolodex of solutions. We know how to develop trust, acquire good information, build and execute an effective sales strategy, clearly communicate with partners, get a fair deal, and enforce quality standards, deadlines or contracts. These business processes can be incredibly painful, prevent growth and drain resources. Our mission is to empower businesses by sharing our sourcing and sales operation solutions .

“Companies need to know how to connect to the ground.”

…If you don’t understand the local market environment, it will be very difficult to succeed.”

The Team

Sean Freund - Co- Founder / Engagement Partner

Sean Freund

Co Founder, Engagement Partner

 MengQi Qu - Co-Founder / Engineering, New Product Development

MengQi Qu

Founder, Engineering, New Product Development

 Vincent Pueraro - Co- Founder / Operations Director

Vincent Pueraro

Co-Founder,  Operations Director

 Ye Tao - Co-Founder / Customs Compliance and Government Relations

Ye Tao

Co-Founder ,Customs Compliance and Government Relations

 Shazer Munoz - Operations Manager

Shazer Munoz

Operations Manager

 George Huang - Contract Negotiation, Purchasing, Technical Translation

George Huang

Contract Negotiation, Purchasing, Technical Translation

 Zhou Wu - Accounting, Taxation and Payments Manager

 Zhou Wu

Accounting, Taxation and Payments Manager

 Zhuo Long - Quality Control Manager

Zhuo Long

Quality Control Manager

 Cheng Luo - Sourcing Manager

 Cheng Luo

Sourcing Manager

 Shen Zhang - Logistics Manager

Shen Zhang

Logistics Manager

     Wang Rui - Purchasing Manager

Wang Rui

Purchasing Manager

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